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Translation and subtitling | Testimonials | Chloe Stout

Find out what it’s like to work with me from some of my happy clients.

Keep scrolling for a selection of testimonials from clients I’ve worked with on various translation and subtitling projects.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Chloe since September 2021 in my capacity as managing editor of the Transcreation Hub at VICE. Throughout that period she has consistently delivered impeccable translations in a variety of languages always to deadline and always to an incredibly high standard. She’s willing to take assignments on a short notice and is unfailingly polite and friendly to communicate with.  

Josh Baines, VICE

Translation and subtitling | Testimonials | Chloe Stout

I contacted Chloe for a website proofreading. She finally gave a British and personal voice to a flat and artificial English text.

The project was delivered on perfect time and the communication with her was clear and absolutely effortless. I would definitely choose her linguistic services again!   

Giulia Lucania, Freelance translator

Translation and subtitling | Testimonials | Chloe Stout

Chloe is a tech-savvy, highly skilled, reliable and detail-oriented translator and she’s a lovely person to work with. Communication with her is always fluent, quick and very friendly.

I got in touch with her for the translation of my personal website from Italian to English. She delivered an amazing and highly accurate translation, making sure to consult with me on any details. I would always recommend her stunning services!

Giulia Bonati, German and Italian into English translator

Translation and subtitling | Testimonials | Chloe Stout

I’ve worked with Chloe on a number of translation projects. She has strong interpersonal skills, shows much initiative and is an extremely adept linguist. The translations submitted were entirely fit for purpose and of publishable quality.

Chloe has an excellent manipulation of her mother tongue, thereby producing translations which contain the appropriately researched and chosen terminology.

I’ve found Chloe’s communication to be impeccable and timely, and her delivery to be well within the deadline specified.

Claire Culliford, Freelance translator

Translation and subtitling | Testimonials | Chloe Stout

Chloe helped us at Prison insider on several important projects, regarding both our aim as an organisation and internal communication. In particular, she proofread two of our country profiles, which are the core of our activities, using her skills and knowledge to provide quality work.

Chloe was able to proofread the translations made by several volunteers and harmonise them into a coherent and fluent whole, so that this precious information is accessible to as many people as possible.

She also helped us to update our English style guide, so that fellow translators have clear and concise information on how to translate correctly according to our standards.

Her help has been really precious, and, she’s always ready to provide good work meeting all professional standards, showing initiative and great spirit. It’s been a pleasure to work with her, and I highly recommend her services!

Jaufré Vessiller-Fonfreide, Translation coordinator at Prison Insider

Translation and subtitling | Testimonials | Chloe Stout

I would wholeheartedly recommend Chloe for any post involving translation, proof-reading or editing. My colleagues and I were very impressed with the high quality of the work produced by Chloe.

Her translations were always thoughtful, precise and well-researched. The work produced by Chloe was always delivered on time and to the highest standards.

She was a flexible and hard-working colleague, who was very well-liked within the unit.

Natalya Todd, Traineeship Adviser, Council of the European Union

Translation and subtitling | Testimonials | Chloe Stout

I’ve worked closely with Chloe Stout for 2 years, when she worked for Dependable Trading Ltd and Lamp Shop Online Ltd.

Within this time, she worked closely developing our international marketplaces, aiding the translating of texts, company statements and technical product information for our website and marketplace sales platforms.

After her departure from the company, we have continued to outsource a portion of our translation work to Chloe and have also invited her back into our office when available to train new members of staff.

I highly recommend Chloe’s translation skills, her strong business acumen and knowledge of all things digital.

Josh Herbert, Dependable Trading Ltd.

Translation and subtitling | Testimonials | Chloe Stout

Chloe proofread both a letter of motivation and a translation of an academic essay for me. I greatly appreciated her thorough work.

Moreover, she rapidly and friendly responded to several follow-up questions that I had concerning grammatical structures and the correct use of technical terms in my essay.

I will definitely revert to her expertise for future proofreading of my texts and highly recommend her competent work!

B Braun, Private client

Translation and subtitling | Testimonials | Chloe Stout

Think I might be the perfect fit for your translation or subtitling project?

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Translation and subtitling | Testimonials | Chloe Stout